From Construction to the Law

What the legal industry can learn from construction - a series of short proposals The parallels jump out at once: Both the construction industry and big litigation are tasked with delivering complex, expensive projects for clients. Managers in both industries need to balance time, cost and quality. But whereas the construction industry has mature, sophisticated [...]

Decision Analysis in Litigation

Decision analysis should be in every litigator's toolbox. It helps both the client and the litigator better understand and communicate process, choice and risk. To anyone in the legal design community looking for a new project, decision analysis could do with a make-over to bring its accessibility and style into the 21st century. (On decision [...]

Where is all the consumer-facing LegalTech?

There is a relative absence of consumer-facing products in the otherwise rapidly growing and exciting space of legal tech. That absence is notable and has implications for access to justice. For the time being it seems that traditional law firms and advisory organisations remain the gate keepers to consumer level legal advice and access to [...]

Lawyers at the Interface

Steven Johnson's "Interface Culture" is a thoughtful exploration of the interface between technology and its users. For a book published in 1997, Johnson's analysis is in parts quaint, yet remarkably prescient. It includes accurate predictions about the future of digital technology and its interplay with entertainment, culture, journalism and politics. Lawyers also operate at an [...]